American Grappling Academy

Martial Arts for the 21st Century

Where Champions Train

Montrose Colorado's only MMA and Jiujitsu training center.
We also provide low cost MMA Gear from top suppliers world wide

Established in 1993, the American Grappling Academy has trained hundreds of fighters and jiujitsu competitors. Our students have won various titles from the Pan-am games to Pancrase World Championships.
We also train Law enforcement and Securtiy personel. Our goal is to continue the progression and development of MMA and jiujitsu.
Whether for self defense or sport combat, we strive to provide the best training possible.
Contact us today at or call us at 970-209-5796
Our Grappling is a Hybrid jiujitsu, Sambo, Judo and Wrestling
We add a Boxing, Muay Thai stand up.
We train hard for the best results.
Classes run all year long For Adults Children and Women's self Defense.
Ivan Wikert Jr
Master Instructor
5th degree black belt jiujitsu
black belt Sambo
Andrew Wikert
Asst. Instructor
4th degree brown belt
We train with the best!
We compete at the biggest shows
If you wanna train with the best...

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